Comic Book Review!: Batman #6

Hello my fellow comic book lovers, today I have a review of a really great title, Batman #6, written by Scott Synder with art by Greg Capullo and of course publish by DC Comics. I know, there are plenty of other reviews of this title out now, but I just have to help promote this title because I can’t say enough how great Scott’s Batman series has been so far, it has definitely made be love Batman again, it is my favorite and I feel the best Bat title on the shelves right now.

Continuing from the last issue, Batman is in the grips of the Court of Owls (an old underground organization in Gotham), and he is being batter by a solider of the Court, Talon. Batman has been push to beyond the breaking point, he is on the point to just give up and let death take him over. But incredibly he digs deep down and pulls enough strength to fight back, and incredibly still figure out a way to escape from the labyrinth that he has been stuck in for awhile now. After seeing what Batman can do, the Court decides to enlist their whole army to join the fight against Batman now.

For the longest time I haven’t really like Batman, I have thought of him as godly powerful or not as human as the likes of Superman or Wonder Women. Never felt he was a grounded character, like he wasn’t a human that didn’t have powers, that he will easily or at least struggle a little bit to win over any adversary. That’s why I had loved Dick Grayson as Batman, he made mistakes, he struggled in his way to succeed, and you may not even know if he will win. So Scott Synder’s made Batman feel touchable to me, more ground, and fragile like any real human being. He has also endure him with a powerful spirit, made only that much stronger because he is show to be just as fragile as any really human being push to his limits, and still finding that will power to not give up. Watching Batman pull himself out of the darkness, and as a man that is always using his brain in any situation, has been and immense joy. This is definitely a tale that I feel will be up there with stories like Batman: A Death in the Family, Batman: The Killing Joke , Batman: Hush, a story that is just as gripping if not more so that it is made for the next generation of Bat fan (being apart of the new DC 52).

What is there really to say about Greg Capullo’s art, it is simply amazing, especially in these last few issues. Like always, amazing facial expressions, I am loving the look of Batman’s one visor less eye, those panels feel very expressive to me, also beautifully render fight scene between Batman and Talon totally kickass. I don’t know, I can just keep shooting out praise toward Greg’s work, like how detail his characters and environment are, or wonderfully horror like he made the Court of Owls, still nothing better then actually seeing his work for yourself to prove how talented this man is.

Again, Scott Synder and Greg Capullo’s Batman series has been an unexpect and amazing read, becoming my favorite book that has come out of the whole DC 52 event. So Batman #6 is a ā€œDefinite Buyā€ for me, and hopefully it will be for all you other comic book lovers.



My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Batman #6, and be sure to pick up your own copy which is in stores now. Also, if there are any title you want me to get and review so you can know if it is worth spend your money on be sure to hit me up or live a comment, and like always Have Fun Reading!




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