Comic Book Review!: The Occultist #2

Hello there fellow comic book fans, I got another review for all of you today, The Occultist #2 written by Tim Seeley (writer of Hack/Slash comic) with art by Victor Drujiniu and publish by Dark Horse. I never read anything from Tim before and never seen Victor’s artwork before, but I definitely love a good magic base story, so I decided to check this story out.

Happening Right after the ending of the last issue, we find Rob Bailey (The Occultist) and Detective Melenez facing off against some super natural mercenaries. Thanks to being power by the Sword, an ancient book of spells that is bound to him, he was able to dispatch pursers. Thinking that he is out of the clear, suddenly The big Demon of the last book shows up looking to kill our hero. With Rob’s powers not being really affective against the Demon, Rob was able to find a way out thanks to one of his previous attackers (Eilat Cohen), teleporting him away. But Cohen has her own reasons of rescuing him, so that she is the one to kill him.

After reading the first issue, I thought Tim Seely create the interesting story with a fun in the super natural genre. I still think that this is a nice little title, a good break from other comics  with their spandex wearing superheroes. But with issue 2 my attention span for the series is fall, there really is nothing that particularly grabbing in this issue. We get a more feel for Detective Melendez, but all the other side character are pretty much background pieces, and the main villain still feels like a slightly more special back drop character.

Victor Drujiniu’s art is nice, very vector like drawings where there is not a smooth blend in colors but more of a sharp contrast between shades. Still nothing amazing, but very serviceable, that is in much thanks to the unique vector like shading. But one of the biggest draws for me was the covers by Steve Morris, absolutely gorgeous and unique.

This issue was ok, but definitely forgettable with nothing that grabbed my attention or shine in the issue for me. Sadly I feel with how the economy is, money is tight and I have to be selective, so this title has down graded to a in store “Check It Out.” Again it is a series that I think people should at least check out, looking to fill that magical gap the Harry Potter books have left. Well maybe comparing it to Harry Potter is not right, I just said if you are looking for a modern day magical adventure be sure to check it out. Have Fun Reading!

My Take:
Check It Out

Here is a few pages from Occultist #2, and again make sure to check the series out at a comic book shop near you.

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