Comic Book Review!: Alpha Girl #1

Hello there my fellow comic book lovers, today’s review will be the Alpha Girl #1 written by Jeff Roening, with art by Robert Love, and publish by Image Comics. Recently I been buying pretty much anything that comes out of Image Comics lately, they have been publish great sold out titles, so I had high expectation for this little title, and after reading it I probably shouldn’t have such a high expectation.

I story starts out with a introduction of who our heroine is, Judith Meyers, a jaded, chain smoking orphan girl, with her only living relative, her brother Buddy, in juvenile hall. Then we are introduce to the problem that the world is facing, a outbreak of zombies have occurred. Yes, another story about zombies, like I said in my review of Key of Z, zombie stories are one of my least favorite genre in comics, so it would have to be very good, unique, good art, and well written to hold my attention. Alpha Girl does give a slight unique twist to the zombie idea, in this world we are already told about the cause. It would seem that a cosmetics company, Moujou, have develop this perfume that transform women into highly aggressive psychopaths that are hungry for flesh, also, the perfume seems to only affected women.

But besides for the slightly unique interpretation of the zombie genre, there really isn’t nothing else in this book to captivate and hold my interest. The interpretation may be unique but it not really present or written in anyway that interests me, the story that went into the creation of the perfume really intrigue me, especially since the it was very paper thin in execution. So besides for the weak back stories, the characterization is pretty simplistic and not all that interesting, perfect example, is the life story of our main character Judith. Which consist of her mom over dosing on drugs, and her having been taken by rich people were she discovers that she likes smoking, yes, very paper thin indeed, as well as not all that interesting and doesn’t really provide much insight to her as a character. So, I was pretty disappointed by the simplistic written and dialogue, that isn’t funny nor is it witty.

I’ve never seen anything by Robert Love before, but I have to say it is very serviceable, more enjoyable then the written at least. The stand out scene are the ones where we see the affect women attack the unsuspecting men. Robert Love’s art is very reminiscent of Rob Guillory, of Chew fame (a story that you gotta check out), still I don’t find his work as dynamic or visually pleasing as Rob’s work, but again it is serviceable.

Alpha Girl wasn’t really a interesting story for me paper thin plot with equally one dimensional characters, so it was slight disappointment to the quality work Image Comics has put out lately. Not saying that Alpha Girl was absolute garbage, it was more that it had no stand out points that could interest me, and I expected too much from it because of the quality work that comes out of Image lately. So for me Alpha Girl is a “Pass It By,” I care very little for the plot or character to check out issue 2, I‘m hoping that the whole zombie craze will die out soon, not everything can be like The Walking Dead. Have Fun Reading!

My Take:

Pass It By

Here is a few pages from Alpha Girls#1, and again if there are any comics you guys want me to review be sure to hit me up, leave a comment, and if you did decide to pick this title up tell me how you thought.

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