Comic Review! Prophet #21

Hello there comic book lovers, today’s review is Prophet #21 written by Brandon Graham (King City and Multiple Warheads Fame) , with art by Simon Roy and publish by Image Comics under the banner of Extreme Studios. First, The Extreme Studios initiative is to re-launch old Image Comics, the ones that was in the early 90s. For Prophet, it was a title created be Rob Liefield, but now with a complete over haul in concept, baring very little from the original.

Brandon Graham does present the story with that idea in mind, that the audience has no previous knowledge of the character or what has happen to this world, so he is able to give the title a fresh take. Like the main character John Prophet, we enter a futuristic Earth that has change drasticly, where we follow John’s journey through this foreign landscape exploring the surroundings, seeing weird creatures and alien lifeforms, all the while heading to find his contact to receive his mission. Brandon Graham does create this totally crazy science-fiction looking world, with weird evolved animals that have unique characteristics and alien inhabitants with a elaborate society, definitely a unique setting for our story. Even though is issue 21, it is definitely a first issue, and as first issue goes this title does have some of the necessities, wonderfully intriguing backdrop and the mysteries character and mission. Still, for me I not crazy about or care much for the main character, which is really the only character in this story, pretty much no dialogue or little actions for me to great a better grasp of hating or loving (even liking) the character. I guess I can tell he is a man’s man, a perfect survivor in even the strangest of settings. This was definitely an issue of explorations, seeing the world and society this title is set in.

Simon Roy’s art is good, very serviceable at least, with a lot detail and unique character and creature designs. The creatures and alien lifeforms are very nice, though the creatures could use a bit more variation in design, the whole four way slitted mouth is done a lot here. Still the amount of detail done to everything in this book, one can see the hard work that was put into it, nothing seems half ass at all, pretty much every panel has something going on it. So, very serviceable art that gets the story across, but I still felt that it was nothing I would be awed about or remember, enjoyable  none the less, and goes along really well with the script.

As a first issue, or a relaunch, goes this title did a pretty good job in making a a bit intrigued about the world of Prophet. So it was a “Definite Buy” for me, just hoping that future issue have a better developed and interesting character, or out of this world story to keep me coming back. Have Fun Reading!

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Prophet #21, make should to check it out, it is in stores now.


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