Comic Book Review! Batman #5

Hello there fellow comic book lovers, today’s review is the unbelievably awesome Batman #5 written by Scott Snyder, with art by Greg Capullo, and publish by DC Comics. Scott Synder is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers, and that is in big thanks to his awesome Batman title, which is also one of my favorite new DC titles.

After last issue, Batman has gone missing for days and now Gotham is left wondering what has happen to our hero. Batman has been taken by the Order of the Owl, put into a maze and left with tools or way to get out, his psyche is clearly being tested and push to the breaking point. Trying to find a way out, Batman is left tattered, bruise and warned out, he starts to see hallucinations of all kinds all around him. And to masterfully portray the state Batman is in, Scott gives us a taste, by having the pages start turning as you read the story. Definitely giving me the feeling of craziness, of “what the hell is happening” feeling, actually making me check if this was suppose to happen, definite turning me into a crazy guy for a minute. Scott has really created a gripping story, with a very unique technique that I have never seen before (even if it was done before), that has push Batman to his breaking point and intrigue fans, simply amazing stuff.

Greg Capullo’s art, like always is amazing here, creating a wonderfully warned out Batman, one can really feel the state he is in thanks to the look of Batman. With the ripped up (Spawn looking) cape, and the small details of the damage suit, I can totally feel the state he is in. Also, that one eye, the eye that doesn’t have the white screen over it, is so expressive in showing the state that Batman’s mind is in, I absolutely loving that storytelling that it was able to convey. I love his the art in this issue, and the was one the one small compliant, and that was the similarity between certain characters, but with this issue mainly be of Batman, I just couldn’t find any fault.

Batman #5 was definitely my favorite issue so far of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s amazing story, I just can’t wait for the next issue. This was indeed a “Definite Must Buy” for me, and I can’t express how I feel that this should be the same for all fans of Batman and/or superhero comics. Have Fun Reading!


My Take:

Definite Must Buy


Here are a few pages from Batman #5, make sure to pick up your copy, which is in store now.


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