Comic Book Review: X-Men Legacy #260.1

Hello there fellow comic book lovers, today’s review will be X-Men Legacy #260.1 with new creative team, written by Christos Gage (Avengers Academy) with art by David Baldeon, and publish by Marvel Comics. Now I’m not really much of a X-Men Legacy reader, even though I’ve heard and know of Mike Carey’s great writing on it. But I was definitely on board to read everything on the take of Wolverine’s side in the whole Regenesis event (if you did read my brief summary of what that is, read the last review please), and I wasn’t disappointed choosing to stick with Wolverine’s side yet.

Christos Gage has definitely showcase the part of Wolverine’s side I haven’t seen yet, pretty much the side of the other teachers and students in the school. Seeing the teachers actually teaching, some of the student teacher interaction, was a great aspect in this issue that we have yet to see in Wolverine & the X-Men. Getting to see rogue pushing and teaching a student how to use his powers better was refreshing and well needed sight since the opening of the school. And watching the playfulness of the first part of the story was a nice change, and very fitting with Wolverine’s sides new status quo, letting kids be kids, even if they are mutant kids. After that we get into the problem of the day, the entrance of N’Garai, which kinda puts the kids in the background, and the teachers to the foreground. Where a few of the teachers, namely Iceman, Rogue, Frenzy and Gambit, have to defeat the demons without bothering the kids while they are in their classes. Admittedly, that was a good and bad part for me in the story. I really like the interplay between the students and teachers, because that is what Wolverine’s side is all about now, the kids. So I was a bit disappointed to see it end so quickly, because after a few issues of Wolverine & the X-Men, we get to see very little of the other students in the school, so I was hoping that this series would have been a spotlight for some of them. I’m hoping future issues will delve more into the student body, because I know Gage has a talent for developing young up incomers, just read his Avengers Academy and you know he could do it.

Still, the good part was, I did like how Gage was able to do a enemy fight scene without involving the students, which was another purpose for Wolverine leaving Cyclops in the first place. That was something that Jason Aarons kind of neglected in Wolverine & the X-Men, I felt I couldn’t believe the purpose for the existence of Wolverine’s side at all, but it was forgivable and I could stay faithful because of his great and enjoyable writing on it. Anyways, I like how Gage used Rogue’s ability to solve the problem of man power the team was facing. As well as continuing with the ideology these kids are not one of the X-Men or soldiers, so they didn’t need to join in, they are young mutants there to learn how to better use their powers and protect themselves.

David Baldeon art is not bad, I haven’t seen a lot of stuff from him before but I could honestly say it is very solid artwork, great panel detail and just as good action scenes. Pretty much every panel contains a great amount of detail in it, not using the solid color backdrop most artist use nowadays to cut corners. The action scenes are dynamic as well as detail, showcasing all of the teacher’s powers quite nicely, so his art is really solid, with nothing to really hate on. But, if I had to be really picky, I’m not too crazy about most of his face designs, they look very lend and long to me, with a definite anime influence at times that isn’t all too pleasing. Still, that is very passable of a complaint, thanks to the crazy action, nice detail panels and a enjoyable script.

X-Men Legacy wasn’t really apart of my pull list before, even though Mike Carey’s writing is one of my favorites, but after reading this issue I’m liking the direction this title is taking. So with this being a point one issue, I’ll check out how subsequent issues go to see if it will stay on me buy pile, but for now this was a “Definite Buy” for me, Have Fun Reading!

My Opinion:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from X-Men Legacy #260.1, make sure to check it out, the issue is in stores now.


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