Comic Review! X-Factor #230

Hello there comic book lovers, today’s review will be the awesome issue of X-Factor #230 written by Peter David with art by Emanuela Lupacchino, and publish by Marvel Comics. X-Factor, under Peter David’s pen has always been a consistently good read, a title that you won’t be disappointed with, so I was extremely excited to read this Regenesis Tie in. Which, for who are not current with the going on of the present X-Men universe, is the event where you see X-Men choosing sides between Wolverine (the group that wants to back to the old mutant school days) and Cyclops (side that believe mutants are an endangered race that need to fight and protect their new nation, Utopia).

X-Factor kicks off with the after math of last issue, with having Jamie Madrox, Multiple Man, die in battle against the villain Bloodbath, and also the the knowledge that Guido, Strong Guy, has no soul. We have the team being divided with no directions, with some not liking Guido on the team because he is soulless and others not holding it against the guy for his current state, and with no body really knowing how to act with Jamie dead. Peter David has created the perfect feel of tension, he has broken down our characters, and we can feel and see the team falling apart thanks to recent events. Creating a soap opera like story in the pages of a comic book, pretty gripping in the way of drama. Now we are left wondering how will this team survive this, which Peter turns this into a perfect opportunity for X-Factor to transition into Regensis. With Wolverine showing up trying to help the team pull itself back together, and asking them to be apart of his group of X-Men. And with how everything is setup, the death of a leader, the directionless and the self destructing of the group, the final page reveal was all the more sweeter, though not surprising.

Art wise, Emanuela Lupacchino is doing a great solid job here, with great expression of emotions through face and body language. And besides being able to understand feelings and atmosphere with the art, the characters themselves look really rock solid, nothing that would make me want to turn the page or finish the story too quickly, instead I find myself slowly reading and enjoy each page I’m on. Though I’m not gushing and drool over the pages, I wouldn’t say the art is gorgeous and amazing, but is definitely enjoyable and very good.

Again, X-Factor has always been a solid and enjoyable read, yet sometime passable for me, but with current events, and the wonderment of whats to come. I really can’t wait to check out the next issue, so X-Factor #230 was a “Definite Buy” for me, Have Fun Reading!

My Opinion:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from this week X-Factor #230, make sure to check it out, the title is in stores to day.

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