Comic Book Review! Chew #21

Hello there my fellow comic book readers! Thank you for coming back for part two of my spotlight/review of the incredibly great comic book title, Chew. Again, it is written by John Layman with art by Rob Guillory and is publish by Image Comics. This part of the article today will be the issue review part of my two part special, a review of Chew #21.

A short and not too much spoiled filled summary of the issue, we start with Tony getting fired by his hateful boss. Well, it was more like a transfer, but to his boss, who has an immediate and intense hatred for him, and couldn’t wait to get rid of him, a transfer is just the same as a firing. Tony has been transfer or demoted to the Municipal Traffic Division, or the Meter Maid division for short, which is one of the least powerful law enforcement agencies in the world. To his surprise, his new boss absolutely appreciates him and his “specialness,” and praises him for his work, unlike putting him down like his last boss. But hey, not everything that is good will last forever, if so, this wouldn’t be the life of Tony Chu, our hopeless and preparatory bad luck guy.

This was another great issue, John Layman’s writing is top notch as usual with the Chew series, and I especially love this issue where we are brought to a emotional high along with Tony. After sticking with him through the series, you can’t help but feel for him, and when he is happy and in a spot of luck, you can really feel it. Like other issues in the series, dialogue is as witty and fun as ever, and like a trademark of the series, I love that the designs of the word balloons. They are not just your average comic book fixtures, but they are also there to convey emotions, like putting icicles on the bottom of them to express a cold reaction, love it and so creative, not sure if I have ever seen a idea like that.

Like John, Rob Guillory is also on point with the art as always, great character designs with a very stylized take to his art. And like usual, great facial expression, I like it when Tony is licking up blood to get a psyche imprint of what happen, I also especially love how there is usually a reaction from the people around him. Guillory definitely fall in the category of making all characters individuals, no character looks alike, and they all have their own kind of feel to them. Along with great facial expression, comes the quirky and very dynamic movements from the characters. Just look that the dance sequence from Mike Applebee (his previous FDA boss), very funny and nicely done by Guillory. Everything fall in the area of exaggerated movement, like old school Warner Bros. cartoons, adding the the stylized design Guillory is going for.

This was definitely one of my favorite issue of the series, funny, witty, beautifully drawn, and just all around fun story. Chew is certainly a series that would captivate you, and as one of the few Comedy Action titles, with an Asian Lead no less, on the comic book shelves it is indeed a gem in a sea of many pebbles. I would definitely recommend this title to anyone look for something new to read, something definitely different from all the other titles that are usually superheroes or zombie titles. Man there are getting a lot of zombie books now, never thought that would be a fade, damn you Walking Dead (even though I love the title) for this new zombie revolution, never that’s story for another time, maybe. Well, back on track, great issue from the awesomely fun Chew series, a “Definite Must Buy.” Have Fun Reading!

My Take:

Definite Must Buy

Check out a few pages from Chew #21, and make sure to check out the series if you haven’t already.


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