Comic Review!: Wolverine & The X-Men #2

Hello there fellow comic book lovers, I got another great comic for you all today, Wolverine & the X-Men #2, written by Jason Aaron, with art by Chris Bachalo and is publish by Marvel Comics.

Another day at School with the X-Men, there isn’t much of a summary for this issue that I can give you, because this issue was one straight action pack roller coast. Jason Aaron has pack this issue with over the top action of all kinds, fighting old villain like the Krakoa, new versions of villains like Sauron and Wendigo, and new villains like the Frankensteins with flamethrowers. The new Hellfire Club is out to teach Wolverine and his school a lesson that they will never forget, pushing the them to the limit and be on. And thanks to it, Bobby (iceman) is able to shine, this issue was a perfect chance for Bobby to get some well deserve spotlight, which he rarely gets. Jason makes the fact known that in the past many people have both over and under estimated Icemen in the past, a mutant with untapped potential, well not anymore, Iceman is clearly pushing himself into new grounds thanks to Jason. And at the end we see who will be the next character on tap.

Again not lot in the character development department, besides for Iceman, but instead a great action filled issue with just small but good moments of other characters, like Kid Gladiator, Idie and Broo (the Brood student). Jason definitely knows how to deliver, great progression with the first issue setting things up and then the next breaking things down(in a way, with the destructive action), that didn’t make the issue feel out of place, very natural, at least in the X-men universe.

Chris Bachalo is still his same old self, an absolutely amazing artist that can polarize you with his crazy artwork. Same problems that I have had with his art before are still there, his art can be very hard to read at time, thanks to his style being too packed in with so much going on around it just isn’t clear. Can’t argue that his crazy all over the place art conveys the pace and chaos of the fight that is going on, but quite make for enjoyable read when you are sitting there wondering what is going on in a particular panel. And it really doesn’t help with the sound effects being smack in the panels that are already hard to see. Still it doesn’t take away a lot from the over all greatness of his work, if you seen his work many times before, now his should be a love it or hate it kind of thing, and for me I’ve gotta to look past it and just love his work.

Jason Aaron has create a fun X-men story that holds a lot of potential, wondering where things would go next. And making me want to so how he handles all the other characters that he has, if as wonderfully as he did Iceman then I really can’t wait. This was another “Definite Buy” for me, being a giant fight scene that has good character moments and a big Iceman spotlight, it was absolutely worth it.

My Take:

Definite Buy

Here are a few pages from Wolverine & the X-Men #2, and make sure to pick up your copy now. Have Fun Reading!

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