Comic Book Spotlight!: Chew

Hello there my fellow comic book readers! I got a special gem for you all today, this will be a spotlight/review of one of my all time favorite comic title, Chew, and this article consist of up to issue 19. It is written by John Layman with art by Rob Guillory and published by Image Comics. Chew is one of the top titles I always get when it arrives in stores, a definite must have for people who like the unique, fun, and funny titles. It is also, one of Image Comic’s bestseller and Eisner Award Winner; it is on tier with the Walking Dead, Invincible, Morning Glories, and Gladstone’s School For World Conquerors. Also, I like to mention that this is another title I support for having a Asian lead and some Asian supporting cast members, and the lead was also a Philadelphia resident.


Now a little bit about the series so far, the premise of Chew is that all poultry has been banned and made illegal because of the Avian Flu epidemic, which killed more then a hundred million people around the world, which happen three years ago. So in present day, the enforcement of the poultry laws have become a priority and the F.D.A. (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has become the most powerful law enforcement agency on the face of the planet. The F.D.A. is task with the job to enforce laws against illegal consumption and preparation of all kinds of poultry.


But recent events have changed the power structure of who the top agency really is, thanks to the recent lighting up of the sky with alien like writing, N.A.S.A. has become the top dogs. And Tony’s fraternal twin sister, Antonelle “Toni” Chu, who is apart of N.A.S.A., is also one of their top agents. That is where the story is pretty much at, without giving out too much spoilers.


The series stars Tony Chu, who was a Philadelphia Cop turned agent with the special crimes division of the F.D.A., and a agent that is Cibopathic. What the hell is Cibopathic you say, well it means he can take a bite of an apple, and get a feeling in his head about what tree it grew from, what pesticides were used on the crop, and when it was harvested. Which basically means he gets a psychic flash of whatever he eats or tastes, telling him everything that may be associated with it, like memories and history that object or even person has. A very unique power that I never even heard of, so definitely earning a lot of creativity points with me. That is exactly how this series rolls, creative and off the wall goofiness around every corner. We have unique power concepts, vampires, weird food, badass fighting chickens, corky characters and other fun and unique ideas.


I love Tony, not only because he is a Asian character which is also the lead on a American comic book, he is also so down to earth, your average “by the book” kind of agent, who is also a hopeless fool when it comes to dealing with people. And he is a character you can sympathize for, with he terrible boss, unappreciative job, horribly uncaring family, and other stuff that really makes you feel for him.


A lead character that I could like and support, with other side characters that are equally just as interesting, and a great story that can keep me interested and surprised, it is unbelievable. This is a series that I would and will recommend to anyone who likes a good read. It is a shame the I started on this title a little late and wasn’t able to get the first few issues of the series, but this series is so good I will be doing some comic book hunting for them. This is a “Must Have Series,” so if you can, pick up the issue if it hadn’t sold out already, and if so pick up the trades.


My Take:

Must Have Series

Check out some awesome cover art, as well as stay tune for my review of the latest title of Chew. Have Fun Reading!


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