Must See Crazy Products!

Hello there everyone, I had just recently came across these two absolutely crazy ass products, one is the 26-pound Party Gummy Bear that also features a 1 liter tummy bowl, made by vat19. This was totally badass look bear, and a definite attention grabber for any party. And for a crazy amount of $200 (I have never spend for much on one particular piece of food) you can choose from cherry, orange, green apple and blue raspberry flavors.

Imagine the shock of your party goers when they realize that your 32,000-calorie gummy bear also features an integrated one-liter serving bowl! Serve punches, candies, or even more gummy bears from within this seventeen-inch-long confection.”

If you are an attention whore or crazy ass rich and spend money like its nothing be sure to grab one. Also check out the Youtube video link for the product.


Another crazy little product, the Baconlube, from the makers of pretty much anything bacon, originally speculated to be an April Fool’s joke, is now a real $12 bacon-flavored product to use for whatever crazy reason you could have. Now you can add another flavor to your twisted foody foreplay, definitely a wacky product, probably up there with their bacon flavored popcorn.



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