Comic Review!: Severed #1

Hello there my dear comic book friends, today’s review will be on Severed #1 written by Scott Snyder (Batman, Detective Comics, Swamp Thing), with art by Attila Futaki and publish by Image Comics. A book that I’ve been having a good amount of expectation for, sense it is doing well in the sells and that it is publish by one of my favorite publishers Image Comics.

On a tangent a little, in recent years Image has been growing into a top publisher for me, pretty much any title that they publish I try out. A good deal of my pull list are comics from Image,title like Morning Glories, Invincible, Walking Dead, Chew, Gladstone’s School for World Conquerors and now Mudman, and probably others that are not coming to my head, but those are all MUST BUYS and are series that sell out pretty quickly, Walking Dead #1 goes for like $400, crazy. So you can see that Image Comics holds a lot of trust for me, publishing a lot of quality titles.

Anyways back to the review, the story follows an adopted son, Jack Garron, who decides that he wants to leave his adopted mom to search for his biological father, who is in Chicago. So he hoops on a freight train to start up his adventure to find his father. Mean while, a man (Mister Porter) supposedly from General Electrics takes a orphan boy (Fredrick) under his wing as an apprentice. Driving to a abandon house so the boy can learn a few things from Mister Porter, the boy journeys down the basement to set up the wiring so the lights of the house can turn no. However, Mister Porter has more to show little Fredrick then just electric work.

I have read other stuff from Scott, and his stuff have always been generally good and so is this issue. Nothing in particular that really stands out for me, I’m not captivated by character or plot but I’m also not turned off by them either, which is both good and bad. But as being a horror story I feel the build up to be rather slow and predictable, especially the ending where it definitely felt predictable, no real suspense for me.

Attila Futaki’s art is a really as fit for this story, the paint brush look of his drawings and the soft earth tone palette his uses helps add to the old look to the story. Still, like the writing, I’m not really captivate or at awe of the pages. So for me the pages don’t make me stay on them and examine any thing, more like passer by art, good but nothing special.

I kinda had a higher expectation, seeing as how the first issue was sold out and that it was on its second printing at my local comic book shop (Brave New Worlds), and I had like other works by Scott Snyder. But it was kind a disappointment really, nothing bad but nothing good as well, for me it was a “Pass It By” kinda issue.

My Take:
Pass It By

Here are a few pages from Severed #1, if it does tickle your fancy then go check it out. Have Fun Reading!


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