Artist Spotlight!: Suzy Lelievre

Hello there fellow art lovers, I have a special Thanksgiving treat for all my fellow lovers of the art, another post, today I have another great artist spotlight for you, Suzy Lelievrea, an artist that I have recently stumbled upon and is loving her amazing work. Born in 1981, in Paris France, there wasn’t a lot of information that I could find about her background, at least, info that wasn’t in French. But still that’s doesn’t hold me back from loving her crazy designed pieces, I am definitely head over heels for the bowl of noodles connects to a large mid-air fork, totally mind provoking. Her art is very much a warp on reality kind of pieces, where she skewed, and twisted everyday object in a way that adds subtle design and a light touch of humor. She is definitely an artist on the rise in becoming a top artist of the new generation, an artist worth keeping your eyes on.


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