My Review of Breaking Dawn – Part 1

The moment all Twilighters have been waiting for is finally here. Have you watched the movie yet?!

Let me start out by saying that I really did like the movie. The special effects were amazing and Bill Condon’s vision was creative and original. Melissa Rosenberg stayed as true to the story as she could, and I love that. After watching it really got me excited for Part 2 (can’t believe we have to wait a whole year!). But, while I really enjoyed it, I didn’t love it, and I suppose that might be due, in part, to my high expectations. I try not to have them, but you can’t help it. I feel like I might need to watch it again, now that my expectations aren’t there anymore, and fully enjoy the movie itself. It was a bit slow-paced for me and most of the time I felt like they were just passing the time because they had over 2 hours to kill for this movie. Barely any dialog and a lot of staring at each other. Anyways, here is my breakdown of the important parts:

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The Wedding

This scene definitely left a magical effect. I loved the atmosphere of the ceremony, so beautiful and romantic. Everyone looked fantastic and genuinely happy. The ceremony was sweet and I loved hearing “their song” play at just the right moments, made me smile. I loved meeting the other vampires and Seth is so adorable throughout the whole movie, I really enjoyed his character. Probably my favorite part of this scene was when everyone was giving their speeches for the bride and groom. I honestly could not stop laughing, and I was surprised at how much I laughed throughout this movie, in a good way though. Charlie, in particular, was excellent. True ” Loving Dad letting his Baby Girl go” moments there, people. I loved it! And poor Jacob, he really can’t win. I loved his dance scene with Bella, so cute and their relationship in the movie was one I loved, even though I was never a fan of his in the books.

Honestly though, I was never a big fan of Kristen, she was never “My Bella”, couldn’t really pull off the innocent/cute look I always imagined for Bella, and her awkwardness really shined through in this movie. While walking down the aisle, there is a bit of nervousness, yes, but she played it like she was constipated or crazy, not anxious and scared like I would’ve pictured it. I will give her credit at that very moment when she saw Edward down the aisle and her transition into being happy and excited was well played. I wish they did a little more with the Wedding though, you don’t really see much of the reception and it all seemed a bit choppy to me. And was I the only one that didn’t notice Christina Perri’s song anywhere throughout this movie (it would’ve been perfect for this scene)?!

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The Honeymoon

I liked their glimpse of Rio de Janeiro and how happy and in love they are while they travel. When they arrive at Isle Esme, everything was stunning. I loved the house, definitely better than I pictured. The glass doors and decor was so chic and perfect for a couple to indulge in. I loved when Bella was taking her “Human Moment” and getting herself ready for Edward, so hilarious and cute. Their first scene in the water was a bit awkward, but okay. It was also cute watching them play chess to pass the time since Edward was too scared to have sex with Bella. Probably a plus for Kristen (Bella) was the parts when she tried to be all sexy and get Edward to sleep with her. It was so hilarious seeing her try to be sexy and seduce him, definitely one of my favorite parts.

I tried really hard not to expect much in this scene because I know this is a PG-13 movie, but they could’ve done so much more. I’m sure they just wanted to show that they did have sex and not elaborate on how many times they did it or the details. I was very upset that I didn’t hear Edward’s swoonish comment about the feathers and the pillows though. Their actual sex scene was done adequately, I suppose, considering their audience. It was tastefully done and showed enough to convey the intense emotions and intimacy between them. I loved the wreck of a room they left in their wake after their first night, I’ll give them that! I wasn’t too impressed with the scene where they found out Bella was pregnant, and when Edward was stunned in shock, he actually didn’t play it very well, in my opinion.

The Birth

Arguably the best scene in the whole movie, my favorite part at least. The special effects they used were amazing and they showed it all with as much gore and realism as possible. You’ll see a lot of blood and craziness so don’t worry about that! I was pleasantly surprised with all they did show and how well it was done. Also, before that, Bella’s pregnancy was also well done graphically. You could literally see how much it was affecting, practically sucking the life out of her, and how sickly she looked. The proposition between Edward and Jacob was different from the book a bit, which was disappointing, but not really relavant, I suppose (if you read the book, you’d understand). The part when she finally drinks the blood because it was what the baby needs was hilarious, too. The infamous part when Jacob imprints on Renesmee was a bit too cheesy for me, but it worked I guess.

I loved seeing Bella’s transformation into a vampire. You get to see how the venom affects her body internally (graphics) and externally, her body heals and becomes all pretty (vampires are supposed to be pretty, right?!). Bella goes from looking like crap to looking perfect. Very cool! The ending was very abrupt and well done because it left the fans wanting more. I know I was like, “NOOOO!”, wishing it wasn’t over when I knew exactly where they would cut it off.

I will try not to build my expectations for Part 2 so I truly enjoy it but I am highly anticipating it.

It’s definitely a movie worth seeing and a great installment to the saga, albiet, not the best. Also, in case you didn’t know, be sure to stick around after the credits for a very special Volturi scene you won’t want to miss!



4 thoughts on “My Review of Breaking Dawn – Part 1

  1. I think the movie was absolutly amazing!! I would have also liked to see some more of the per wedding planning. In some parts of what you said i agree with and some I dont agree with. I definitley wanted to see more of the wedding reception.I also thought her transformation was also really awesome cus you rlly got to see how it happened. I definitly agree with yu on the ending!!!


  2. I thought it was really good and enjoyed it more the second time around for some reason. The wedding was beautiful. I thought Kristen played that perfect. How she was nervous until she saw edward then all was good. The song was perfect when they were saying their vows. LOved how when they were Lost in each other kissing they felt like they were alone. I loved esle esme it was like I pictured. I knew the movie was PG 13 and still wish it wasn’t but they could have done more during the sex scene.. You see more on gossip girl really. Hopefully they have an unrated blu ray version. Wish Rosalie and jacob would have went. Back and forth more like in the books. Charlie was so good. Lots of humor which I like. The birth scene was cool but I did expect more blood to be more real but not back really. A little to much flashes in a small part though. Kristen’s makeup when sick was really good. Can’t wait till part 2 I can’t believe we have to wait a year 😦 loved that carter was back to do the music. It added a lot for the fans that watched all the movies.


  3. I agree with you overall, and I was especially disappointed that they left the “Why am I covered in feathers?” moment out-it was a big one in the book. I particularly liked the interaction between Renee & Charlie. We haven’t seen them together before, and the were a riot-especially when they gave their opinions of the mortar board wall hanging in the Cullen’s home. One thing though…it’s been a while since I read the book, but didn’t Jacob imprint on Renesmee when he held her? Hmm…I also really liked the wolf “telepathy” between the pack members-that was KEWL!!!
    And from all the reviews I read, I thought that Bella’s delivery was going to be much bloodier than it was. Maybe it’s because I’m around blood all the time at work, but I didn’t think there was much in the movie. And the part about Edward ripping into her womb with his teeth to deliver the baby? GAH!!! Now THAT was gross!
    Lastly, did Aro already know that Renesmee had been born? Or what did he mean by “They have something I want?” Does he mean Bella or her daughter??? Hmm again. I liked this movie-it was better than I had thought.
    Great review-thanks!


  4. I don’t agree with your comments at all. I thought this movie was done exceptionally well considering it had to stay PG-13 rated. Granted it could have had more content in it especially pre-wedding time with Charlie and Alice, and some of the others. More with the wolves after they left Sam’s pack would have satisfied me. The interaction with each other in the stories is what I wanted more of. Overall this movie is exceptional. You may need to go and re-watch to get the full effect.


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