Comic Review!: Justice League #3

Hello there my fellow comic book readers, today’s comic book review will be on Justice League #3, written by Geoff Johns with art by the great Jim Lee and publish by DC Comics.

For issue three we get the introduction of Wonder Women to the Justice League title, a very different Wonder Women that appears in her own title. Instead of the battle harden warrior, we get the impressionable, battle hungry, up beat Amazonian warrior. We get her recent introduction to the outside world, recently off of Paradise Island, where she has been familiarizing herself with the world around her, getting into all kinds of heroically destructive situations. And while still familiarizing herself to her surroundings, she get another sign of battle when some mysterious monsters start abducting people all around the world.

Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and the flash are also up to their armpits with the mysterious foes, when Wonder Woman also joins their battle. While this is happening the critically injured Victor Stone is being injected by his father with some alien experimental formula in hopes of saving his son’s life. And while the experimental process is going on, Victor is getting signs of terrible things to come at the hands of a very powerful and mysterious figure.

Issue was quite good, I really like Geoff John’s take on the characters and the interaction of the main cast, where they are still trying to get to know each other in the heat of battle. I also like this version of Wonder Women, a very fun loving, upbeat, strong and battle hungry lady, a fun character to read and for me it felt different. I wasn’t crazy about the addition of Victor Stone (Cyborg to the preDC 52 comic book lover) because I never felt like to was at that kind of caliber compared to all the icons in this title, and I’m still not sure, nothing in this issue to change that up for me.

Now for Jim Lee, what can I say I love his work and always will, great looking detailed characters, definitely at his best. Characters that are expressive in body and facial emotion, great dynamic proses, nice character design, detailed panels and splash pages. My only thing, and its not a drawing problem but more of a concept dislike, looking at the last page I wasn’t crazy of the design for the newest addition to the team, without spoiling anything, if you are going to stick with the old idea with a twist, I felt the more subtle design world be better. Mind you I wasn’t crazy about old design of the character to begin with anyway, so for me it would be better to tone it down or change it either drasticly or in a way that was refreshing.

All in all, a very good issue, with great character moments, with a great imposing threat to come, worthy of the Justice League, even though I felt the threat wasn’t nothing new or refreshing, at least yet. This was a great Justice League issue, and for me a “Definite Buy,” so make sure to pick this nice Justice League issue, and get really to enjoy.

Here are a few pages from Justice League #3, make sure to pick up your issue today, issue are in store now, hot (cool more like it) off the presses. Have Fun Reading!


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