Comic Review!: Rachel Rising #1

Hello there my fellow comic book readers, today’s article I will be reviewing Rachel Rising #1, written and drawn by Terry Moore (Echo and Stranger in Paradise fame) and publish by his own Houston-based Abstract Studios imprint. And yes I know I’m a little late with a review of this title when it is already on issue 3, so this article will fall under something I’m thinking about starting, calling it “Old School” Review. Even though this title isn’t really old school, it falls under the same idea of reviewing older issues or stories.

I usually want to get one or a two titles that may be more girl centric, at least positively, so I wanted to try a new title by Terry Moore, who’s work are great representation of positive women leads.

The story starts out with a mysterious woman that goes through the woods to a dried up riverbank. And in the riverbank is where we find our lead character rising from what seemed to be her grave.  After crawl out of the ground, our lead, Rachel, heads to the road side and was able to get a ride home. Rachel has lost much of the memories of what has happened to her, her most recent memory is in a flashback to a conversation to a friend of her and flashes of a shadowy figure. Deciding to look for answers for, and she starts with a visit of the last person she remembers to talk to, Jet. And the revelation from that visit is where the cliffhanger ending ends.

I haven’t seen a lot of Terry Moore’s art before, but have always known it was good, and after this issue I’m mistaken, it is beautiful. The crawling from out of her grave was absolutely beautiful, drawn in a way that you can feel effort and pain of trying to crawl out of it. The scene does take a good chunk of the beginning, but the detail does prove how important powerful that scene is, it isn’t called Rachel Rising for nothing. Terry’s characters are definitely very cartoony, but still very detailed with clean lines, and varying body and facial designs.

Admittedly I felt that the title didn’t have a lot of meat to it, especially for a 20 pages title that is 3.99, definitely didn’t make it the most tantalizing thing, but the story was there, and the art was great. So, as first issue goes I would hastenly say this is a “Definite Buy.”

Here are a few pages from Rachel Rising #1, be sure to check it out.


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