Comic Review!: Batman #3

Hello there all you comic book readers, for today’s article I will be reviewing Batman #3, with Scott Snyder as writer and Greg Capullo as artist, and of course it is published by DC Comics. I’ve taken a good like to the new Batman series, but with the issue my rising love has kind of plateau.

The story so far, is that Bruce Wayne has been targeted by a mysterious and old organization called The Court of Owls. They have been ruling Gotham City from the shadows since the colonial days, and now, since Bruce has been set out to change the city, The Court of Owls are now after his life and anyone that wants to change the status quo.

Scott Snyder’s writing has definitely created a world that drawn me in and peaked my interest in this mysteries organization that has been hidden in Gotham City.  But this issue has kinda made my interest plateau a little, with The Court of Owls organization being slowly developed into an organization that has its talons in everything Gotham related even the Wayne’s family is connected.  I felt the long drawn out and trivial info have chipped away at the appeal. But Scott Snyder’s Batman is definitely a Batman I love, showing a high level of brains and brawns, great little use of detective reasoning in this issue. The drawbacks are the times when he is out of the mask, dialogue that are a bit long wind without much drawing power or forwarding of the plot or characters. Dialogue that seems trivial, the whole bat and owl talk Alfred and Bruce had was way to long for me, or boring, the conversation Bruce had with Lincoln March about them being target.  So this issue had indubitably felt like a filler issue, design to delved a little bit deeper into the mysteries of The Court of Owl organization, which for most of the issue wasn’t drawing a lot of my attention until the twist at the ending.

I am a big fan of Greg Capullo’s art, and this issue of Batman definitely shows me why, well at least for the most part. The action sequences, the look of Batman, and the background designs are top notch, and are a few of the main reason to love this book. But the consensus complaint is the scene with Bruce and Lincoln, where as both guys do share a similar look, making the really trivial scene all that much unlikeable.

Batman was a really up and down kinda comic, with the beginning being enjoyable until the middle of the book, and the enjoyable again toward the end. So besides for the nice ending, this issue felt like a kinda of filler issue that hard a hard time to maintain my interest throughout its pages. So if you are not a completist, then this was a “Definitely Check Out.

Here are a few pages from Batman #3, must sure to check it out and if you like it, pick up your own copy which is in stores now.


2 thoughts on “Comic Review!: Batman #3

  1. yes bruce wayne is the most “human” superheroes of all,he can fall asleep,he needs to eat,he doesn’t has any superpower ability…but the thing is ..he has a lot of toys !the combination of his gadget and his brain is just great !thats why he could outsmart DARKSEID …


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