Discovery of the Week!


Hello there fellow readers, today I discover this very cool and innovative new product called The Vision, it is a bathtub from Gruppo Treesse (a Italian base bath/shower design company), definitely will makes a perfect addition for your bathroom. I know a Bathtub! how is that geeky, will it is tech base, and still a geek has to get clean, so why not get clean in style. Designed by Paolo Parea, the tub features see-through plate glass panels on either side. The tubs are also offered with additional attributes like optional color therapy, radio and audio jacks for your iPod or CD player. The Vision bathtub offers enough space to stretch out, a comfortable built-in headrest and a rejuvenating hydro-massage that will ease you into relaxation mode as you ease yourself in for a deep soak. I am really in love with this unique bathtub, it so out there, but looking through the site there is no price tag, so you know that this will burn a hole in your bank account, still its nice to dream about it when I get my dream place.




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