Art Watch!: Shaka (Marchal Mithouard)

For today’s Artist Watch/Spotlight I’m really going crazy for Shaka (Marchal Mithouard) an artist from France, who’s work touches on a wide range of art techniques such as painting, sculpting, graffiti, photography, tattooing, and more. But his most glaring and thought provoking work are his large scale canvas and wall work, that uses very exaggerated perspective and realism to call out to the viewer, expressing themes of revolt and rebellion. His artwork is absolutely gorgeous and innovative to see because of the way he combines two-dimensional imagery with three-dimensional forms creating an expressive form that seems to reach out to the audience. And his use of wild and bright color, or color in general is really captivating, and it gives more emotion to the imagery, from being high energy to showing off the emotional spectrum. His foremost influences include Vincent van Gogh, Le Caravage and Expressionism.


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