Show Review! Once Upon a Time Episode 3: Snow falls in love

Sooo… have you caught up with the new TV drama “Once Upon a Time” yet? If not, I suggest that you Hulu the first three episodes and then start to watch the new episodes on Sundays at 8 m on ABC. I’m not a huge TV person and I hate following a series because I can never guarantee that I’ll be home to catch the next episode.  After hearing so many good things about the show from a variety of different sources, I decided to just Hulu the first episode while I had some down time. I was not disappointed and ended up watching all of the three available episodes in one sitting.
I love fairytales so his storyline was right up my alley. It’s about modern day fairytale characters who are unaware of their magical pasts. The show never gets mundane because there is a mix of fantasy, action, drama and romance. Though the audience is privy the plot of the story, the characters remain in the dark though  for some the awareness is growing.
In the most recent episode, I found myself not being able to contain my excitement during the inopportune commercial breaks. The show begins to tell the story of prince charming and Snow White, how they met in their fairytale life and the obstacles that come between them in their modern life.  I loved seeing the history of how the two met and the story was so much more dramatic and action packed than the Disney version. Who would have imagined hat snow white and prince Charming met when she robbed him and seemed to fall in love after killing trolls together? I loved the fact that she didn’t play a damsel in distress and that she could be rescued and do some rescuing as well.
In the modern day word, Snow White is a little more meek and just a kind hearted school teacher looking for love. They actually show her going on dates with complete jerks and the audience feels for how much of a let down guys can be. As a normal girl, just seeking her prince charming, I could definitely relate to this tale and felt my heart rooting for snow White to finally find the love hat she deserved. Also, their modern day reunion was foiled by the mayor/Evil Queen so I’ll just have to wait until the next episode to see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Show Review! Once Upon a Time Episode 3: Snow falls in love

  1. My friends convinced me to get caught up on this show so I could watch it with them and I ended up watching the first three in one sitting as well. I think that it’s a very good show and my friends and I have a weekly date to watch it!


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