Art Watch!: Phantom City Creative

Phantom City Creative is a studio I recently stumble upon, thanks to their collaboration with the incredibly awesome poster art makers, Mondotees. And I gotta say I am loving all of their poster work, ranging from movie inspired pieces to their own conception. Their style is at time very vector base to photo manipulation, and paint like creations, and many of their work leans to the horror inspired genre. The work are incredibly stylizes, with wonderful unique use of color, some used to carry the horror tone that the piece calls for, and others to make the piece stand out with a slit vibrant nature.

A little bit about them, “We are a Toronto based independent studio founded on a stormy Friday the 13th. Located right in Toronto’s studio district, we focus on entertainment design for film, television and music. Our goal is to create imaginative and stimulating advertising and packaging materials using slick graphic design, beautifully rendered illustration, photography, 3d and most importantly great ideas. We believe that innovative concepts and solid ideas are the foundations to a successful campaign that will attract, impress and leave an impact. We love what we do and our enthusiasm, excitement and commitment to quality is shown through our work.”

So for all of the monster, zombie, werewolf, and horror fans out there, the posters by Phantom City Creative are a must have, and there works are a must see.



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