Comic Review!: I, Vampire #2

How is all my fellow comic book readers today? Well lets get to it, I, Vampire #2 is going to be our little review for today, written by Joshua Hale Fialkov and art by Andrea Sorrentino, and publish by DC comics. If you read my last review for I, Vampire #1 you obviously know that I thought it was a definite buy, and issue #2 is no different.

This issue is pretty much a spotlight on Mary “Queen of Blood” Seward, our villainous, taking center stage, and introducing herself. We get the feel of what kind of person Mary is, and what is her main goal in the series, which would be ruling the world, very typical but she also wants vampires to take their rightful place at the top of the food chain. She is dark, evil, blood lustful, and demanding, indeed a powerful antagonist for the horror oriented series, but what make it really special, her feelings for the protagonist. They are not your simple “I hate you for ruining my world domination” plan, they are feelings of love and desire. Deep down in her unbeating heart, her love for Andrew Bennett, our hero of the series, and her desire to have him join her on her quest for world domination is a nice new focus in a comic book.

If you read my other reviews (which you should have, go check them out) you would see that I like many of Joshua Hale Failkov’s work, and the reasons for that is still present in this new issue. I love how you can get a clear picture of the story in the few pages that are allowed for a comic book writer these days. We get a good understanding of our main antagonist, what makes her tick, and what makes her unbeating heart feel like it is beating again. One of the biggest pro for me with this series was that I felt that it had a been inspired by Angel the TV series, wither that is true or not I still feel it, and this issue continues that feeling for me. Having Mary trying to get her ex-lover Andrew to turn to the dark side, and Andrew being at odds with that is absolutely Angelesque, I love the tortured soul hero.

Andrea Sorrentino’s art is indeed a great addition in a horror book, it is extremely heavy on the black, with menacing face expression, and amazing creature design. I especially love the scene with Mary talking to Andrew, indeed scary and very haunting (well scary enough for a comic book). But I have been experiencing the flaws of Andrea’s drawing style, especially when it comes to the crowd scenes. With his heavy use of over cast shadows and similar character designs it is hard to tell who is who, certainly hard to tell our hero apart from the masses of vampires trying to kill him, and we have a good amount of scenes of him being piled on by many similar guys (body type n all). But otherwise, scenes with Andrew and Mary, Mary by herself, and the scenes of Andrew’s transformation are gorgeously creepy and horrorificly good.

Beside for the minor art problem that I had with the issue, it was beautifully creepy and dark perfect for a good horror/drama story, certainly my new Angel fix. Like I said in the last review for issue 1, it is a good chance to brake out of the spandex wearing superhero and still stay in the same universe as the likes of Batman, which I hear will be making a appearance soon (don’t quote me on that), and Superman. So this was another “Definite Buy” for me. Have Fun Reading!

Here are a few pages from I, Vampire #2, must sure to pick up your own copy in stores now.

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