Comic Review!: Aquaman #2

Hello there my comic book reading friends! For today’s review I have Aquaman #2 written by Geoff John, art by Ivan Reis and publish by DC comics. Now I was never a fan of Aquaman, he never interested me, neither in power or personality, but with the bunch of new starter comics from DC I decided to give this a few issue check out.
This issue we get the slight introducation of the series’ new villians, fish like humanoids from the mysteries Trench. These creatures rise from the deepest parts of the ocean in the persuit of food, and they start their dining experience on a fishing boat, where they eat everyone on board. Next on the menus are the people on the closest pier, where it just happens that Aquaman and his queen Mera resid near.
Aquaman and Mera decides to start a new life on land, leaving his kingdom behind and starting a new life. They were in the mist of getting to know each other better, with Mera finding out more about Arthur’s (Aquaman) past when suddenly a police officer shows up. The officer comes to ask Aquaman for help at the docks, where many people have disappeared. Suddenly, out of the water and the massacred boat sprang the creatures, who are still hungaring for more food. Aquaman and Mera flex their abilities to protect the people on the pier, and defeat the mysteries villians. And we are left with Aquaman being suddenly surprise by one of the creature mentioning were they are from, the msyteries Trench.
I have loved Geoff John’s writing on Green Lantern, I love the concepting of the different Lantern Corps and the epic space adenture that he created, but the epicness of the Green Lantern title is lost or not even there for the Aquaman title. I don’t really feel at awe by Aquaman, nothing really there for me to love or care about. The issue also felt very fast paced with brisk dialogue, you don’t stick with one think to much, so it may be great that we get to the action scene pretty quickly, but for the development of Aquaman it hurt the process. Now like I said, I am no Aquaman fan, I know pretty much nothing besides the way he looks and that he talks to fish. So I don’t really feel or get any real good sense of what Aquaman is about, don’t really understand his desire to life on land instead of the sea. Now after two issues in I am on the fence with the series, I don’t really have a huge desire (barely slight) to continue with the story, again no real driving force of interest.
Now on the other, if I had to continue with the series, it would be mainly because of the art of Ivan Reis, who is top notch here. Backdrop is gorgeously detailed and characters look great, with the Trench Creature look very scary, and Aquaman and Mera looking very detailed and expressive in emotions. I really do love the demontration of Mera’s power over water, really nicely rendered.
Coming into this series I wasn’t really a fan of Aquaman, and it is sad to say I’m still not much of a fan. There is something there, but it is not enough to drive me to pay for future installments, especially when there is so much on the shelves and so little in my wallet. So the best I can say about future issues is that Aquaman is a “Definite Check Out,” and maybe future issue will be able to hook me again, but right now no desire to waste money.
Here are a few pages from Aquaman #2, be sure to at least try it out and see if it fits your taste. Have Fun Reading!


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