Comic Review!: Wolverine & the X-Men #1

Hello there my fellow comic book readers! Today’s review will be the fabulous new series of Wolverine & the X-Men #1, written by Jason Aaron and with art by Chris Bachalo, and of course, publish by Marvel Comics. The new series spins out of the the Schism event, which pretty much was Cyclops and Wolverine having a difference of opinion about the roles of mutants, especially of the younger generation.

In recent times, Cyclops has become the leader of mutant kind, creating a home for mutants with Utopia, and trying to keep it safe from the world that still fears and hate them. He has seen the mutant species on the brink of extinction, and now believes that it is a war for survival. Wolverine’s outlook has also changed in recent times, he still has very little problem with killing, but he doesn’t believe that younger mutants should be breed into soldiers. And that’s where this titles leads into, Wolverine has built a school, Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, to train and eduction the future of mutant kind.

This issue was pretty much a tour of the new school, first with Professor X and then with the New York Department of Education. Xavier’s part was a nice touch, to show the old school feel of the direction of the comic, back to the days about teaching new mutants. And the tour for the New York Department of Education, was an awesome show of a few of the characters that will be involved with the school and title, and also the incredible new setting that the school will make.

Jason Aaron’s new series is definitely fun, with many entertaining moments by its’ huge cast, from the awkwardness of Wolverine trying to be a Headmaster of a school, to the many personalities of the school’s student body. The series is unquestionably a jump back to old school X-Men, or at least an old setting, a back to basic kind of approach. But make no mistake this really does feel like something new, a fun and wild new ride for the X-Men. And there are many unexpected turn through out the story that makes you wonder where Jason is taking us, but the journey is so fun that you will still blindly follow.

Chris Bachalo, is certainly at his best here, with his extremely detail artwork, almost every panel is more then just a solid color backdrop, his panel placements and design are also visually placing, and his double page spread are as epic as ever. His characters are, as always, wonderfully rendered, with each character having a look of his or her own. Now the one problem, if you think it is a problem, with Bachalo have always had is that his art can get too chaotic, that it is not always easy to tell what is going on in a particular panel, and that the over whelming detail can be distracting, but these are all things that concerns the picky. Me on the other hand, loves the the detail, when it comes to art the more to see the better.

I am on board for this new series, it is a very fun and crazy roller coaster ride, that will leave you guessing what will happen next. And this is a new generation and different take of the X-Men, that feel quite fresh and unique. Absolutely perfect for new and returning readers, a title that I will recommend to a many people as possible. Well, that’s it for this review of this awesome title and a “Definite Must Buy.” Have Fun Reading!

Here are a few pages from Wolverine & the X-Men #1, make sure to pick up your own copy soon.


6 thoughts on “Comic Review!: Wolverine & the X-Men #1

  1. i like wolverine but the ,his adamantium skull and claws make him impossible to get tore by someone else (maybe hulk and red hulk can ? :D) beside this is a very strong marvel superheroes… i really wanna watch him in the next avenger movie !


  2. wolverine …i don’t know why i just don’t like this character….in my opinion hulk family is much better than him haha sory for wolverine fans no hard feeling here :)but i have alot of x-men comic collection if u want ..i can give you ..just visit my blog here thx alot ! and have a nice day !


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