Comics Review!: The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode #1

Hello there my fellow comic book lovers, for today’s review I have for you a great new comic book, “The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode” by up-incomer Justin Jordan (webcomic Rumors of War) with art by Tradd Moore and color by Felipe Sobreiro, and it comes to us from Image Comics. And I will be keeping a eye on any other projects by these really talented people, and I will be staying with this fun little title. Also, this title came out a little while ago, but I still had to post it, just wanted to help it get out to any of the masses that may read this.

The story has our main character (Luther), having recently ordered a self improvement book from a comic book ad to become bulkier and stronger, in order to give him a leg up from bullies (Paul) from school and in impressing a certain girl crush he has (Petra). At school is were we get to see the results of Luther’s self training and his level of luck, with a little push by friend (Pete) Luther was able to get to know Petra some more. During dodge ball Luther was able to stop a ball that was thrown at him by his bully, Paul, and then anticipating any moves Paul would make was able to hit him devastatingly in the face. Luther, still not figuring about his new found abilities, was confronted by Paul again who is looking to beat Luther for the dodge ball embarrassment. But Paul, insulting Petra and pissing Luther, was the one to get his lights knocked by Luther’s powerful one hit punch.

Lets not forget that the story is also interlaced with the mysterious action of a super strong (and probably villain) guy (the “Librarian”) with his equally bad-ass kept in chains cronies.

Justin Jordan’s writing is very entertaining, creating your average geeky and likable character in Luther, and providing great interaction with other cast members of the title. When compare to other titles with the similar notion of a geeky loser trying to become “super” to turn his life around, for instant Kick-Ass, that is one area where this book shines, that down to earth and great interaction between characters. I also, find that the potential and mysterious villains of the story a whole lot more intriguing then most.

With Tradd Moore’s drawings and Felipe Sobreiro on color, it has definitely brought to life Justin’s script. Bringing great looking characters that I totally love the looks of, that also have expressive movements and some fantastic facial expressions. Also, lets not forget that the book is quite bloody, the first two pages will tell you just how bloody and uniquely gory this book is, and is going to be.

Check out the first few pages of The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode #1, below.


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