The New York Comic Con

Hello world, and welcome to GeekxLovin, the blog where you can find some regular “geek loving,” I am hoping to just create a all around (or as much I can) geek oriented site where you would get articles on not just comic books or related topics, but ones on Games, Novels, Movies and Celebrities, Technology, and whatever else that spark my interest and hopefully yours too. So I hope you enjoy this and other future installments.

Wow, that is the best word or phase that I can use when talking about such an event like the New York Comic Con. It is indeed the biggest (at least it seems to me) convention this side of the United States, I can’t even imagine what the San Diego Comic Con is like (it is much bigger then this), the shear magnitude of it will take your breath away. With so many people, a whole lot of cosplayers, and the amount of booths to check out, and panels to see, its no wonder the convention needs to be a four day long event, but sadly I was only there for one, Sunday. As a geek it was the closest “Mecca” or holy land within reasonable driving distance to me, and it was an unbelievable experience, the most fun I have ever had (at least to I can recall) and especially fun for the eyes that I have ever had in my life, the three years of going to the Philadelphia Wizard Con could not even come close. Held at the Javits Center, the Philadelphia Convention Center in Center City pales in comparison, again it was so huge I indeed needed to other three days to go through it all to fully experience everything the Con had to ofter.

We had some really creative people with some great costumes, discounted comics (a special shout out to Ablert Stoltz of Basement Comics for his great deals), cool ass toys and other collectibles, great booths that show off some great games for the Wii, Xbox and Playstation, and some exciting panels with awesome speakers. Some awesome creators that showed up, Scott Snyder, Rob Liefield (who was so cool to sign my comic), Dustin Nguyen, Jason Aaron, Robert Kirkman, and many more. Talking about creators, what really pissed me off was that I forgot to take a picture of Robert Kirkman and that I wasn’t allow to get his signature because you had to get a certain ticket before hand, hated the so much, so close but yet so far. Hope that doesn’t sound gay, just that he is like my top favorite writer right now, I really what the signature and picture of him, so sad. Anyways, one thing that made him so happy was my close, and now really close, second favorite writer Jason Aaron, who I did get to meet, got a picture and was able to praise his glory, to top it off he was so KIND, he gave me seven volumes of his Scalped graphic novel for FREE, all signed and personalize, he is the “MAN.”

Well, another sad part was I really wish I was able to go for all four days of the convention, there were really so many booths I didn’t see, I didn’t get to go to any of the Panels because there was already too much to do so I couldn’t waste it on the huge lines for each panel, toys, comics and merchandise I didn’t get (well more like didn’t have the money for) all because I had so little time but so much to do. Still It was an incredible day, fill with great things to see and even better things to buy, if you have the money.

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2 thoughts on “The New York Comic Con

  1. I’m seething with the power of a thousand exploding suns of unbridled jealousy!

    Sounds like NYCC was lots of fun! My friend went there and she had a blast. Here’s hoping someday I get to step on the convention floor, hopefully while Stan Lee is still alive!


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