Comic Review!: Nightwing #2

Hello there my fellow comic book readers! Today’s review will be Nightwing #2, by Kyle Higgins on writing and Eddy Barrows on art duty. If you read my last review on Nightwing #1, you know that I really liked it, and #2 is equally good.

Last issue we left off with Saiko (the villain) getting the upper hand on Nightwing, and was about to give him the killing blow. But then Nightwing turns the tide on him and starts to get the upper hand, which calls for Saiko to set for a hasty retreat. Just recently arriving home, Dick is interrupted by Raya (a childhood friend from when he is in the circus), who ask him to take her to Atlantic City where he need to see Mr. Haly (the owner of the circus he grow up in). Mr. Haly informs Dick that he is dying and that he wants to live the ownership of the circus to Dick, which Dick accepts.

Still contemplating what to do with the circus, Dick (as the Nightwing persona) is force back to Mr Haly in order to save him from Saiko. Arriving with enough time to save a dying Mr Haly, with his dying breathe utter that everything that has been happening to him (a hit on Dick and the title of “Gotham’s fiercest killer”) has to deal with the secret that the circus has.

Like last issue I really like the way Higgins write Nightwing, making him interesting enough for me to read on. But I gotta say, as writing goes there wasn’t a lot in the issue that wow me, whatever the secret that surrounds the circus is I’m not feeling like I care all that much, I it feels like it is feeling to slow for me.

But if anything, Eddy Barrows is the hook that keeps reeling me back, because like the last issue it is absolutely beautiful. Great panel design and placement, and truly beautifully detail art, with very little panels that aren’t stuff with detail. Characters are also nicely rendered, Dick has a great strong looking face, great for a leading character of a superhero book. And I love how Eddy’s characters are drawn with a great range of emotions, adding a perfect balance to either the mood of the panel and/or the script. The battle scene are also beautifully render, and I really love the depiction of the frames of motion a character does.

So like the last issue I am surprisingly liking Nightwing, and there is still enough draw for me to continue with the title. But, with my reserve of the character itself in the first place, I’m hoping that something more interesting happens soon because my attention spand for the title may die out. But the art of Eddy Barrows is definitely helping me stick with the title, but art can only take me so far, so hoping to see something spark with me. Have Fun Reading!

Check out the first five pages of Nightwing #2, below.


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