Comic Review!: Animal Man #2

Hello there fellow comic book readers! For my review today we have Animal Man #2, which is another title from DC’s promotional event, DC New 52, and we have Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth) on writing and Travel Foreman (The Immortal Iron Fist) on art duty. Now I got Animal Man as part of my “try out DC New comic” idea and I gotta say I loved the first issue so much I decided I was on board for the next one, so good job DC picking up this new reader, promotional stunt (DC’s event for pulling in new reader) accomplish.

Jumping off from the last book, where we had Animal Man deciding with his family (wife Ellen, son Cliff, daughter Maxine) that he is going to go  back into the superhero business agian. But not to long after our hero and his family discover that the daughter, Maxine, has inherited his powers and is now communicating with animals and the “beyond.”

Without being too descriptIve and ruining your potential reading adventure, that is where part 2 picks up from, with Maxine demonstrating her abilities and informing her Dad (Animal Man) that the animals are talking to her and telling her that the source of their power is endanger and they gotta go to save it. But they are not alone, because there are three demonic looking animal creatures (The Hunters Three) that are on there tail.

I have never found myself interested in Animal Man, and even though the title started out for me as a trial, Lemire has now definitely hooked me with his unique characters, interesting concepts, good pacing, and his horror like story telling. Saying that is even more of a shocker for me “Horror”, I have never been interested in awhole lot from that genre, but again Lemire has been able to deliver a more natural feel to the horror tones of the book, or maybe just less cliche. Lemire does a great job of bringing his characters life, everyone feels very natural and not out of place, with Cliff’s and Ellen’s reaction to Maxine’s abilities, to Maxine’s own whimsical and childlike behaviors towards her powers and what must be done in the larger scheme of the book.

For art duties, after giving this book the second go around I am definitely confident that there is no better match for Jeff Lemire on Animal Man then Travel Foreman. Foreman can definitely draw the most detail, grotesque, and artistically beautiful imagery I have ever seen, this is like a horror movie in print format. Foreman’s drawings uses a great amount of line work, cross hatching for shadows and dark tonial areas, it all comes together and adds a corresive feel to Lemire’s script, giving us great character moments that have feeling to them, as well as great facial and body expressions and some truly horrorificly rendered scenes.

Like I said before, I am definitely on board to continue reading more Animal Man, thanks to the interesting script of Jeff Lemire, crafting a interesting character in Animal Man and some very intriguing developments in the story. Also, a added thanks to the beautiful and horrific drawings of Travel Foreman. So your to do list, gotta check out Animal Man number 1, and pick up number 2 that came out this week, I believe it will make a fan out of you as well. Have Fun Reading!

Check out the first few pages of Animal Man #2, below.


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